Bodegas Francisco Casas | Bodegas Francisco Casas, Wines belonging to D.O.s Toro and Tierra de Castilla y León.
At our winery, we have been producing high quality wines under the Toro Designation of Origin for over 50 years.
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Bodegas Francisco Casas D.O. Toro

A century of wine,
50 years of Toro.

Our accumulated experience, together with our innovation over the last few years, have made Bodegas Francisco Casas
synonymous with high quality, while Toro’s wine grapes are among the most highly valued in the country.


Supporting the culture of Toro
and its surrounding district

Viña Aleza Bodegas Francisco Casas

Widely admired wines

During the past year, we were awarded the Great Golden Prize
in the “Zarcillo” International Wine Contest for our

Bodegas Francisco Casas D.O. Toro

A unique winery

Situated in one of Spain’s most important wine-producing regions.